Steampunk Month at the Mill Museum

A Steampunk Reliquary…A Cabinet of Curiosities: The Jewelry of Ann Pedro
Opening Reception June 10th (Exhibit from May through August, 2012)

Origins of Steampunk & The Willimantic Connection
A Lecture by The joey Zone with guest Paul Di Filippo
June 16th

Brass Gears & Blue Prints: 20,000 Engineering & Architectural Plans & Diagrams From the American Thread Company
Museum Lyceum by Dr. Jamie Eves
June 23

Exhibit Flyer
A Steampunk Reliquary ... the exhibit
Ms. Pedro with her display
Anne Pedro's Jewelry Display
The guests at the reception
The crowd at the reception
More people at the show
A lovely refreshment table
Illustrator & lecturer The joey Zone
Author Paul Di Filippo and Illustrator Mark Bilokur
Authors Faye Ringel and Paul Di Filippo
The joey Zone waxes poetic on the topic of steampunk
A display of literature
The slideshow begins
Dr. Eves address the audience
Mill Museum Director Dr. Jamie Eves