On May 23rd, 2021, Museum Educator Bev York, and volunteers created a pop-up gallery featuring prints of American Art at the Garden on the Bridge, across from the Mill Museum.  It attracted approximately 120 people who strolled through and was one of the first open air activities in Willimantic since Covid restrictions were loosened.  People are still wearing masks at Museum Events. 

Our friends from the Huntington Homestead in Scotland, Dave Goodridge and Tina Mazza, have come in 18th Century outfits to help interpret the artwork which is associated with that period.  Museum Treasurer, Claire Lary, appeared in 19th Century wear to take part in that century’s interpretation.  Bev looks on.

Board Members, Luzella Roos and Michael Ader chat at the refreshment tent.  Cases of local Hosmer Mountain Soda were available.

Bev, Executive Director Jamie Eves and Duke York set up and secure some quilt frames to hang more artwork.


Friends of the Museum begin to arrive Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz and his wife, Merle, and  Debbie and Dave Stoloff.

Bev has finally been able to take a break and transform her look for the day.

We are joined by other organizers  from the Garden Club who have created this park on a disused American Thread Mill bridge.

People who have been in Covid confinement come out to enjoy the art and the Garden on the Bridge which overlooks the Willimantic River.

Museum Secretary, Andrea Ader, introduces some strollers to the works of

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Childe Hassam.

Claire Lary

Tina Mazza

and Dave Goodridge

Friends and neighbors walked through for three hours on a beautiful May day.

Finding some shade.  Wearing period clothing and hats is hot work!

Discussing art.

Docent for the day, Lisa Joseph, presents the art of Jacob Lawrence.

Taking photos of flowers.

Member Volunteer, Amy Marwood, helps wrap things up.

Time to head home.

Photos courtesy of Board Member, Michael Mahony.  Thanks!