The Emporium carries original art and prints, some signed and numbered, and usually created by local artists. 

We do not mat and frame them but we do have a highly rated, local  framer we can recommend.

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A print of the watercolor by A.N. Wyeth of the stately structure of the former American Thread Company in Willimantic, CT.  Wyeth is a master of capturing the majestic beauty of the granite giants of the industrial age.  This distinctive factory building, 1864, increased the capacity for spinning machines at the height of the Civil War.
Signed and numbered  28 ½” x 25”  Numbers will vary.

A poster created by Gretchen Garner and Kara Bonsak, featuring twenty of the peaks of Willimantic’s iconic Victorian Homes in the “Hill” neighborhood, are showcased on the poster. WINDHAM – a peak experience.

Many of the buildings are  included in our audio walking tour now accessible on this site. 


Click HERE to access it the audio.



A.N. Wyeth is a gifted landscape painter like others in his family. This limited- edition print in watercolor is an exquisite example of A. N. Wyeth’s talent to wed the natural landscape with remnants of the industrial age.  The gates allowed water from the mighty Willimantic River to power the No. 3 Mill demolished decades ago.  Other buildings of the Willimantic Thread company can be seen in the distance.  Signed and numbered prints 23 ¼”  x 22” 

A. N. Wyeth captured the grand entrance to Mill No. 4 of the Willimantic Thread Company before the building burned to the ground in 1995.  The 1880 building  was the first mill designed for  electric lighting, so it was immense compared to earlier narrow styles  of textile factories which depended on natural sunlight.  Elegant features such as colored glass were included in the architecture. Watercolor signed and numbered  23 ½ “ x  20 ¾”