Collapsible Ballwinding Spindle – Document Folder 39. Individually dated between: Oct 6 – Feb 13, 1925. Unique and individual engineering schematics for components.  Contains 18 images.

Loom Bobbin Winders and components – Document Folder 38. Dates range: 5/12/1941 – 8/27/1945. Shows start to finish hand sketches to trace paper schematics in the engineering process.  27 Images.

“Picker Notebook” – Document Folder #4. Marked from Putnam Trade School, C.M.M.C., and A.C.S. What appears to be a complete course in calculating production values for a turn of the century Picking machine and yarn spinning for use in industrial textile mills. This vast book contains a combination of handwritten and typed pages, along with longhand calculations for various required needs. It includes a Lithograph of Picking Machine. Total 105 pages.

Tube Cutting Machine – Document A-0120. Contains various schematics various components necessary to construct and repair a tube cutting machine.  On high quality engineering paper.  Various dates range 1941-1945.  97 images.

Tube Rolling Machine – Document Folder 33.  Hand drawn sketches and trace paper schematics.  Dated 10/13/1926.  Contains 73 images.