Nightmare on Main - 2021


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Sat. & Sun. Oct. 9th, 10th; Fri. & Sat. 15th 16th;  Sat. & Sun. 23rd and 24th

Tours start every 15-20 Minutes – $15 pp. (Plus small processing fee)

Nightmare will be held in the Thread Company Mills, 322 Main Street, Willimantic.  For information, please call 860-456-2178

Note:  Due to virus concerns, masking is required and vaccines are recommended.


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Nightmare on Main announces the 2021 theme,  “ Phobia:  The Faces of Fear.”   The annual event, sponsored by the Mill Museum in Willimantic, will be held on six evenings in October. 

Phobia is something  almost everyone can identify with.  “Phobia” which is Greek for fear is defined as  the excessive extreme irrational panic reaction to a situation, living creature, place or object. Phobias affects about 30% of the adult population in the United States.  Do you or someone you know suffer from the fear of  acrophobia (heights), arachnophobia (spiders), or astraphobia (thunder and lightning?)  According to Jennifer  M. Saddler, Phobias are a mental disorder and believed to be one of the most common problems affecting the human mind. People fear different things at different ages. There are various causes and some treatments available. 

This Nightmare tour will cause the visitor to learn about this serious disorder and confront their fears head on.   This program about chilling phobias and their history promises to educate, entertain, and might possibly startle, shock and terrify the unnerved. Beware. 

The Nightmare event is not your average haunted house with blood and gore. The unique feature about the Museum’s annual Nightmare on Main event is that it is loosely based on actual 19th century history, beliefs, and customs.  The committee and some cast members research the stories they tell and the beings that they portray. Past themes have included:  Confinement (prisons and asylums), Witches, Hauntings, Villains, and Monsters.  The event is moderately to very scary (but not extreme) and is appropriate for ages ten and older.  It is wheelchair accessible and parking is free. 

This year the tours will be held in Windham Mills, 322 Main Street in a giant factory space for socially distanced areas. Mask face coverings will be required by the people who are not vaccinated.  

Tours of Phobia start at 7 p.m. and run about every twenty minutes.   Tickets are $15 per person and all proceeds benefit the educational programs at the Mill Museum.