Nightmare on Main 2019

The Viillains exhibit will be open from September 29 through November 17, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may peruse the exhibit at your leisure in the light of day without fear or apprehension. Hours are also available by appointment for tours or room rentals. Admission is $10, $7 for students and seniors.
This year’s Nightmare on Main was titled Villains—Mayhem, Madness and Murder. It had two separate venues, depending on your inclination. Evening Live Performances. There is the popular evening venue where some 45 actors came alive in skits dramatizing people who’ve made their mark in history with their villainous acts. The presentation focused on villains from around the turn of the 20th century. The format for these dramas differs from traditional stage presentations. Audience members—we call them guests—move from skit to skit in groups of eight, covering the grounds of the Mill Museum including the parking lot and adjacent Dugan Hall. This more intimate setting lets actors bring the drama to guests in a personal and memorable way, though it must be noted that actors do not touch the guests. A full tour of the skits takes about 50 minutes.  The show is fully handicap-accessible. Content is meant to enlighten guests on some of history’s most notorious villains and is not recommended for children under 10. Please keep that in mind when planning to attend next year. Daytime Exhibit guests can walk through the scenes from the evening performances and learn in greater detail about each featured villain.
The Windham Textile and History Museum is located at 411 Main Street, Willimantic, CT. To contact the museum, go to or call 860-456-2178.

2019 Nightmare on Main:

“Villains – Madness, Mayhem and Murder”

The Mill Museum holds its annual Hallowe’en-themed event, with live performances, spooky sets, and real history.  More than 50 volunteers take you on a thrilling trip through the dark night museum.  Learn about the infamous villains of the past, their crimes, and their victims.  It features recreated historical scenes with actors playing roles. $12 per person admission.  Not recommended for small children.  While this years very successful Nightmare is over, visitors traveled through the Museum in groups of 8-10 persons.  Groups enter at 15 minutes intervals, beginning at 7:00 PM and ending at 9:30.  The entire tour takes 45-50 minutes.

Turn up you audio and enjoy these Nightmare video teasers:

Dr. Knox Amy Archer Gilligan Mother Colpitts

Out of our 2019 Nightmare on Main cast of 50, which is your favorite Nightmare character:

Lizzy Borden
The Maid
Jack the Ripper Newsboy
Lizzy Borden Court
Scotland Yard Professor
Sweeny Todd Barber
Mrs. Lovitt
Jack the Ripper Inspector
Jack the Ripper Reporter
Toby Raggs
Dr. Knox's Fresh Body
Mother Colpitts
H.H. Holmes
Amy Archer Gilligan & Rosa Lynch
Madame Mysterioso
Dr. Knox
Murder Castle

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