The Kitchen

The workers’ house did not have plumbing (until about 1920); they had to haul water.  They used a cast iron, coal burning stove to heat the water for bathing, dishes, laundry & cooking.  It was also used to heat the house and the iron for ironing clothes.  The sink is an 1880 cast iron sink.  The pots and pans are made from tin and cast iron. The kitchen table is an 1870 drop leaf pine table and is original.

The Bedroom

Many people slept in one bed.  They used honey pots as they did not have indoor bathrooms. Sheets were made of cotton and blankets of wool.  Some clothing is homemade, but most were not by 1920.

For a virtual tour of the workers’ house, the managers’ house, and Thread Mill Square, click here.

Workers’ Kitchen

Kitchen Shelf

Laundry Soaps

Cast Iron Stove

Wash Basin

Washing Machine


Workers’ Bedroom

Child’s bed

Bedroom Closet