RevolutionsJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 17 March 2020I have been thinking a lot about revolutions lately. Partly, this is because I am teaching the American Revolution -- we got it in before the crononavirus crisis switched us from classroom-based to distance learning -- in my three freshman Early United States History classes, two at Eastern … Continue reading Revolutions

Charlotte Waldo, Connecticut’s First Woman Mail Carrier

Charlotte Waldo: Connecticut's First Woman Mail CarrierJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 14 June 2019One of the great things about working at a history museum is that people are always showing (or giving) you artifacts, stories, and information. You never stop learning. A friend from Ashford, CT, recently gave me a faded photocopy of a tattered … Continue reading Charlotte Waldo, Connecticut’s First Woman Mail Carrier

Amy Hooker

Amy Hooker: Union OrganizerJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 13 June 2019For several years now, I have used bits and pieces of spare time trying to track down information about Amy Hooker, an early 20th-century Connecticut labor leader about whom little is known ... even though she appears in a song by state troubadour Hugh Blumenfeld!"I … Continue reading Amy Hooker

Working Museums

Working Museums Jamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 19 May 2019 The Windham Textile and History Museum – a.k.a., the Mill Museum – is what I think of as a working museum, meaning that the staff and volunteers are continually engaged in doing actual history. The Museum accepts, preserves, and catalogs new artifacts. It engages in … Continue reading Working Museums