Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Lincoln's Second Inaugural AddressJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 30 April 2020I am thinking a lot lately about civil wars and divisions within nations. One reason for this is that my freshman United States History classes at Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut have been examining -- this year via COVID-created distance learning … Continue reading Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Samuel Huntington & the Articles of Confederation

Samuel Huntington and the Articles of ConfederationJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 22 March 2020I am "distance teaching" during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Crisis, and so am corresponding with students in writing. That means that I am writing essays on topics that I would normally cover verbally in class. In one class, we were cut off … Continue reading Samuel Huntington & the Articles of Confederation


RevolutionsJamie Eves, Windham Town Historian, 17 March 2020I have been thinking a lot about revolutions lately. Partly, this is because I am teaching the American Revolution -- we got it in before the crononavirus crisis switched us from classroom-based to distance learning -- in my three freshman Early United States History classes, two at Eastern … Continue reading Revolutions