Mill Documents

Curated by Jared M. Leitzel

Each Link contains a brief write-up for the whole set.  Each write-up contains the Title of the folder, the searchable DOC or Folder Name/Number and a brief explanation, followed by the total number of items individually marked.

Strike of 1925 – Document Folder #29.  This contains personal communiqué between Mr. Moxon and Mr. Earl Holmes and “Russell” regarding finding replacements for striking workers in the Willimantic mills.  Contains addresses, names and locations from where they attempted to find workers, as well as misplaced workers’ addresses in the company owned housing.  The letter from Russell to Mr. Moxon contains discourse of the solidarity of workers at the time, and the respect they had for the striking workers in Willimantic.  This collection includes a list of families relocated from Manchester, New Hampshire for the same purpose.  Contains 13 items.