The Mill Museum relies on volunteers. Although we do have paid staff, without volunteers we could not do all of the things we do. Volunteers at the Museum are tour guides, archivists, researchers, writers, catalogers, curators, and interns. They enter data, clean, greet visitors, staff the gift shop, help with fundraisers, assist with school tours, teach weaving and spinning, repair old machines, create videos and audios, help with the website, maintain our buildings, and serve on our Board of Directors. They even march in parades. If you are looking to give back to the community, like museums, and enjoy useful work in quiet settings (or the hubbub of working with children), we have something that will fit you. If you are interested in volunteering, either fill out the form below, email us at info@millmuseum.org or director@millmuseum.org, or pay us a visit. We’d love to have you join us.