The mill owners and managers lived in Victorian Mansions – various styles of architecture made popular during Queen Victoria’s reign.  Three homes were owned by the company for the agent, the head chemist, and superintendent.  They were very much into materialism.  There were 5 or 6 people in 20+ rooms and employed maids and a laundress.  They were well educated and enjoyed social engagements.  Leisure time activities included music, dancing and Stereo-0ptic viewers, lawn parties, vacations, cottages in summer and entertaining.

The Original Agents House

This house still stands on Windham Road and was built in 1880.  They had plumbing at that time and had luxuries like copper gutters and stained glass.  Notice the ornate furnished veranda as you enter.

The Bedroom

Each family member usually had a bedroom and a dressing room…notice how large the room is.  These are the things one may find in such a place: a child’s rocking horse, a pink marble table top, porcelain & silver items, and traveling trunks.

The Laundry Room

All day to wash, all day to iron!  Some of the things one might find: a soapstone sink, machines to press shirts and pants, a copper washing machine.

For a virtual tour of the mill manager’s house, the workers’ house, and Thread Mill Square for elementary school students, click here.

The Parlor

The Dining Room

The Armoire

Lamp A

Lamp B

Lamp C

Lamp D

The Bedroom

The Playroom

Rocking Horse

The Washroom

Clothes Press

Washing Machine