Here All Along: People of Color in Connecticut’s Mill Towns

Among those who built the textile mill towns of Connecticut were people of color. It was not until the very end of the industrial era that people of color were hired to work in the textile mills. Nevertheless, they contributed to the creation of the mill communities. Here are some of their stories. Click on each link below to read them. We will be adding more in the near future.


Resources for Researching Local African American History: Windham County, Connecticut

Lyman Jackson, African American Cabinet Maker, and Clarissa Jackson, African American Wife and Barber: 1830s-1860s

“Let Him Get an Eagle on His Button”: Caesar Hall, African American Civil War Soldier

“Faithfully to Serve”: Job and Jesse Leason, African Americans Soldiers in the Revolutionary War: 1750s-1820s

 Joseph A. Davis, Marvin Smith, John C. Harris, and James Buck, African American Civil War Soldiers (Coming Soon)

“If He Had Been a Man, You Know?”: Jo, Town Founder: 1600s

Lianzo J. Sekater, Narragansett Civil War Soldier (Coming Soon)

Wong Goon, Chinese American Cook and Friend to Firefighters (Coming Soon)