• President: Dawn Bakke – Willimantic, CT. Administrator, Card Home. “Volunteering with the museum where I can be of assistance.”
  • Vice President: Michael Mahony – Willimantic, CT. Retired educator and administrator. “Interested in local history, early technology and woodworking. Volunteering for restoration and maintenance.”
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Claire Lary – Willimantic, CT. Retired Regional Programs Manager and Emergency Management Director, State of CT Department of Developmental Services. “Volunteering with accounting and bookkeeping.”
  • Samantha Chase – Scotland, CT. Educator, UConn Graduate. “I’ve grown to really love this museum. Volunteering to develop the Gift Shop.”
  • Corey Krohn – Windham, CT. Local businessman, President Green Building Solutions. “Volunteering to help maintain the museum’s historic structure.”
  • Amy Marwood – Willimantic, CT. Registered Nurse, Gardiner. “I hope to continue to promote and care for the Mill Museum.”
  • Sandra McAlduff – Mansfield, CT. Educator, textile and fabric enthusiast. “Interested in increasing my knowledge of all things textiles and in assisting with educational opportunities and programs at the Mill Museum.”
  • Luzella Roos – Willimantic, CT. Past Board President, history major. “Volunteering for events and programs.”
  • Joanne Sailor – Willimantic, CT. Educator, Arts at the Capitol Theater. “Interested in developing and helping with events at the museum.”
  • Ed Silverstein – Lebanon, CT. Journalist, photographer, administrator. “Interested in fundraising and exhibit topics/guest speakers.”

The Mill Museum’s Board of Directors represents both the Museum’s membership (to become a member of the Museum, click here) and the community. It is both a governing Board and a working Board. The Board sets policies, hires the Executive Director, establishes the Museum’s annual budget, organizes fundraisers, and assists the staff in the day-to-day operation of the Museum. The Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Anyone interested in joining the Museum’s Board of Directors should contact Kira Holmes at director@millmuseum.org. Board members may be contacted c/o info@millmuseum.org.