“Picker Notebook” – Document Folder #4. Marked from Putnam Trade School, C.M.M.C., and A.C.S. What appears to be a complete course in calculating production values for a turn of the century picking machine and yarn spinning for use in industrial textile mills. Picking machines, or pickers, were large machines composed to two steel rollers with teeth. Raw cotton straight from the bale was fed into one end. The machine “picked out” various pieces of debris (leaves, sticks, seeds, etc.) and compressed the cotton into a sheet — about two inches thick and four feet wide — called “lap,” which was rolled around a large steel pin. Later, workers fed the lap into carding machines, which brushed and combed the cotton fibers. This vast book contains a combination of handwritten and typed pages, along with longhand calculations for various required needs. It includes a Lithograph of Picking Machine. Total 105 pages.