Local Color: A Connecticut Welcome

A Celebration of Fiber Art by Members of Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA), Connecticut Region

Opens Aug. 4, 2022

“Local Color: A Connecticut Welcome” is the fifth installment of of SAQA-Connecticut’s juried exhibition, LOCAL COLOR. It has already appeared elsewhere in Connecticut, but is now here in eastern Connecticut at the Mill Museum.

Anna Patalano, the Managing Director of the Greenwich Art Society and one of the exhibits jurors writes: “One of the mediums I have become more familiar with, and impressed by, is fiber art. Within this medium, one can see the process of art-making through the use of various fiber materials and the different ways of constructing a piece. Images are literally “stitched” together in ways that are themselves beautiful to see evolve … akin to a painter using a pattern of wonderful brushstrokes with which to weave an image from.”

“My selections hopefully reflect the variety of possibility within this medium. Some artists chose a more literal interpretation — representing certain recognizable imagery and telling a story or, bringin into sharper facus that which is on the edges of our sightline and borne from imagination…. Seen together, these works make us encounter unique apparitions, or appreciate familiar things anew. Thy make us pause, quietly observe and marvel at the remarkable craftsmanship by artists elevating the fiber arts to a contemporary and relevant vision.”